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Feature and level surveys provide a detailed view of the existing site conditions of the subject site and provide the level of detail required for local councils and town planners to accurately assess the potential impact of any changes to the property.

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Feature & Level Surveys

A Feature  &  Level Survey is also referred to as a Topographic Survey, and measures the details and features associated with a parcel of land. It is done for design and assessment purposes and is typically included in a Council town planning or development determination application, although it also has many uses. For example, engineers require these surveys for the design of highways, railways, subdivision and infrastructure design work. Local Councils may refer to this type of survey as a Contour Survey Plan, a Detail Plan or a Site Plan.


A Feature &  Level Survey is often requested by the Architect or Designer before they commence drawing plans for renovations or improvements because it provides them with information important to the planning and design process.

 The information shown includes the levels of the land, geographic features and their locations including trees, rock ledges, rises and falls, adjoining buildings and any improvements to the land. The Architect or Designer uses the information for economical design, the best access for people and vehicles and the best use of aspect or to showcase any unique features the land may have.

A Town Planner will also use the features that are collected in the survey to assist in the creation of any new boundaries that are proposed on the land and it used as the basis for a town planning or development determination application.

In a Danson & Blaby Feature and Level Survey, information is drawn to scale and includes the contours of the land as well as the dimensions and orientation of the boundaries. The  plans also go a step further showing easements, rights and the position of sewer mains and drainage pipelines. During this process, the certificate of title of the land is also checked to see if there are any restrictions or covenants affecting the land and these will be noted on the plan.


The team at Danson & Blaby can deliver your quality Feature & Level Survey in formats such as traditional hard copy plans, PDF images or as AutoCAD drawings.