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Subdivisions and consolidations are becoming increasingly common as the demand for property grows. From your family home to large scale projects, Danson & Blaby Consulting Surveyors have the skill and expertise to assist you with your project.

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Subdivisions & Consolidations

Our team of Licensed and Registered qualified Surveyors have a wealth of experience and can provide service and advice encompassing surveys such as:


  • Two lot or multi-lot subdivisions for housing estate purposes;


  • Strata and stratum subdivisions;


  • Rural lot subdivisions  for agricultural purposes, excision of dwellings or for the re-alignment of existing title boundaries; and


  • Consolidation of existing lots.


Rural subdivision services of Mildura Surveyors also include the re-definition of creek or river boundaries, road closures and acquisitions, service leases and more.

After engaging a Land Surveyor, the Land Subdivision application process is as follows:


  1. The Land Surveyor measures the structures on the land and prepares a plan for the proposal, writes a report and prepares the application for the development consent. 

  2. Once the development consent is finalised, the formal survey of the road alignments and boundaries is then undertaken for computation and determination of the alignments and boundaries, and the new lot boundaries are then marked out on the property.

  3. The subdivision documentation is then lodged with statutory authorities and local council for approval. 

  4. And finally, the documentation is then lodged at the relevant state Land Title Office for examination of the survey documents, registration and the issue of  new titles.