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Relocation surveys involve the precise identification of established land and its corners. The main purpose of this kind of survey is to re-establish the boundaries

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Boundary Relocation Survey

As the name suggests, Boundary Surveys are done to clearly locate boundaries and may be useful in the following situations:


  • Where there is a boundary dispute; 


  • Prior to the installation of fencing or retaining walls;


  • Ensuring the correct positioning of a proposed dwelling or construction before the building works commence;


  • For the purposes of Subdivision or Consolidation of land;


  • To assist with the Creation of an Easement plan such as a Carriageway Easement, or an Easement to drain water;


  • Where a property is under the Old System in Victoria, or in NSW is a Limited Title, a modern plan of survey is registered at the State Land Registration Office and will be a part of the process to convert the title to a current Torrens title, and


  • Wherever the position of natural boundaries need to be defined such as for a non-tidal purpose (creeks and rivers).