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When you're buying or selling land, they can identify and mark the location of existing property boundaries on the ground, through Identification Surveys

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Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys are often required by legal professionals, vendors and purchasers, lending institutions and Councils and are typically requested when buying or selling property in order to:


  • establish the location of the property boundary;


  • determine possible encroachments by or upon the land;


  • locate buildings with respect to the boundaries; and


  • investigate any easements, restrictions or covenants over the land that are noted on the title


In the case of vacant land, a surveyor will identify the position of boundary corners and establish the position of any existing fences or structures in relation to the corners of the land that you are buying.


Identification Surveys are also commonly required throughout the construction process, whether for the purposes of progress payments by your lending institution or for the issuing of a Building Certificate at each stage and on completion of the project.